Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Blinkin' Blockers

I wrote my 'Blocking the blockers' blog on my birthday at the end of October.

Sad to say that some of the distractions are still, well, erm, distracting.

Why can't we get rid of those blinkin' blockers.

Agree that some of it is still in my head - but my worship is often support by sight and sound.

Saturday, 20 December 2008

Test your geography

Use the gadget to the right and test your knowledge.

Let me know how you do.

Happy landings!

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Nordic Dragon

Just thought I'd introduce you to the new helmet.
Although I may have partially cured the leaking visor on my Caberg, the thought that it was actually too big for me convinced me to swap it out for one that fits.
Having had an L for such a long time, it's weird squeezing into an S, but once on, it's nice.
Getting the helmet off is a bit like being born again, from what I can remember.
It has the all important flip down sun visor that really helps when it's sunny, obviously, but more essentially makes me feel like a fighter pilot when it's flipped down.
Anyway, I hope you enjoy looking at it as much I like wearing it.

Monday, 27 October 2008

Blocking out the blockers

I don't read much. When I do, I enjoy it. However, in order for me to enjoy reading, and really get into a book I need things around me to be just right.

I can't just sit in a noisy room and block everything out, it just doesn't work for me.

It's sort of the same for worship. I find it really difficult losing myself in worship and I've been wracking my brains to think why. Then it came to me. I need to concentrate too much!

What I mean is, I shouldn't need to concentrate, I should be able to focus completely on God. But I can't, or haven't been able to at least while we met at the URC. The conditions just have been right for me.

Why then, have I been able to completely lose myself in a huge tent with plastic seats and temporary floor - at Roots? Here's why:

- everybody is there for the same reason
- nobody cares what I'm doing or why
- the music is loud and my bad singing voice can't be heard
- the words to the songs hit the screen before they are needed

Not an exhaustive list - another reason is that the songs become so well known over a few days that the words aren't often needed to be seen - we know them. There's nothing else to think about - just Him.

I can't do much to change the conditions I find myself in back in Romford. I have to change myself!

The refurbished worship hall has the ingredients in technology and comfort to help me block out the blockers - with a bit of training and awareness in the AV room, volume, timely words, wandering cameras etc. will settle down and take more of those distractions away.

In my head I need to enter Romford citadel with a Big Top attitude. Jesus gave his life for me, is it too much to ask that conditions, at least in my head, are as perfect as they can be?

Let the work begin.

Monday, 13 October 2008

All I know.........

After a year of worshipping at the URC I have to say that I haven't enjoyed it all. I have been frustrated, uncomfortable, tired (sunday afternoons are for snoozing!) and have been slow getting there and quick getting home.

There are several reasons for this which I won't go into here, but suffice to say that it has affected my approach to worship. I've really tried to focus on what God has been saying to me.

This Sunday, the last in the afternoon at the URC (bless them for kindly opening their doors to us in an act of Christian love) God spoke loud and clear through the voices of the Singing company:

All I know is that You died for me, so that I can be forgiven
And all I know is that you lived on earth, so that I can live in Heaven.

The verses talk about not knowing the answers or reasons to a whole bunch of things, like why the sun keeps burning. There's lots of things I don't get, and probably never will.

Thank you God that I do get that single truth.

As we move back into our refurbished Church, help us make it possible for others to 'get' also.

Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Please pray for Chris Taylor

Unusual for me to request prayer I know, but my thoughts over the past few weeks have been with the family of one of my colleagues.

Chris Taylor, who has only been with our company for a couple of months, tragically lost his daughter in a car accident a few weeks ago. He has returned to work this week, and it's not surprising that he is finding it difficult.

I learned a little about the circumstances of the accident today and it sounded horrific.

My prayers, and I hope yours too, are with Chris and his family as they somehow continue to live day by day without their precious daughter.

Thursday, 25 September 2008

Worth the wait?

The tickets were bought, holidays had, and the day arrived. It was Maze in concert night.

We arrived early as there was no indication of what time Maze would hit the stage.....but coffee and cake with friends we met at Hammersmith helped the time to pass. Then, into the auditaurium. Tickets in the stalls, we walked and walked further toward the front and stopped at Row H, 8 rows from the front, almost smack in the middle. What a view!

We waited. While 2 fellas (once of light of the world) sang covers of old classics. They were actually quite good.

We waited. While the crew checked all kit for the umpteenth time.

We waited. While the guys on stage tried to attract the attention of the guys in charge of house lights. They finally went down and in the darkness we could see the band take their places.

I love that feeling of anticipation, seconds before the moment in time you've been waiting for, and excited about.

The stage lights came up and the band hit their first note. For the first time in 10 years in the UK, and over 20 since we last saw them.

With a huge cheer, Frankie Beverly ran onto the stage and at 61 looked very fit (physically) all in white with trademark baseball cap. He still sounds fantastic too.

I was surprised that it took a few numbers for the crowd to get to it's feet, but we we were finally all up the whole atmosphere changed into something more like a huge party.

At such events, I feel so free to do what I want, nobody cares, and if they do so what? I can't dance to save my life, and being amongst a predominantly black audience I should have felt intimidated by their natural rhythm but no, I just enjoyed myself. It's a shame I don't feel the same when I'm at Church, but I don't and that is that.

Back to Maze. They didn't let us down, and sang all the favorites. The time was ticking on and we knew the evening couldn't end without one particular song, and when the crew rolled on the keyboard to centre stage we knew that time had come......it was Joy and Pain. It's a classic. At the end, we were all singing Joy and and pain, is like sunshine and rain over and over, just like in the live album Live in New Orleans. Sent shivers up the back of my neck it did.

All too soon, the band had completed their set, come back for an encore and the lights were back up. Leg achy and weiry we made our way home, with favorite melodies still ringing in our heads.

Maze sing a song called 'I wanna thank you' I've always been sure it's aimed at God. While I wanna thank God too (cos he made it this way), tonight Frankie Beverly, I wanna thank you, it was well worth the wait.